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“Deliver unlimited amount of value to the marketplace, then work as if there’s no tomorrow”

Elin Rose


I serve about 1000 customers per month via Amazon, eBay, shopify and local retailers.  I do weekly consulting for people that want to launch their products on Amazon, both established businesses and individuals. Feel free to get in touch if that’s you!

2029/02/10 23:57:53
Nautical miles


I approached Elin for some advice on selling on Amazon UK. She's a great expert and has a lot of knowledge, she is really straightforward which is exactly what I was looking for. Even though I'm experienced in international trade, there are a lot of things to consider when selling in a foreign territory and I really recommend to anyone considering selling their products globally to seek advice and some mentorship for aspects they didn't ever consider or knew about. I was really amazed how professional Elin is and she will definitely push you in the right direction.
I love the flexibility and that I can move at my own pace and Elin doesn't give me shit about taking a break. I like the PDF hand book and the fact that it is constantly being updated - google docs is a really good idea. I like the fact the manual is not only about setting up the business, but getting into the business mindset.
All the vital info is in there so no need to browse the internet for 2 hours to find the same conclusion.
I really enjoy working with Elin. What I like most about her method is that it requires you to align your business endeavors with your own interests and vision instead of blindly following hers or someone else's vision for your business.
I have known Elin since back in August 2017. Elin is a fantastic mentor and inspirational. Since I have join her mentorship I have not looked back and I have grown in confidence. Her expertise, knowledge and skills are second to none and her advise is honest and genuine. I would like to recommend Elin as you can trust that she will get you where you need to be... I'm happy to be working with her over long-term and will be achieving my goals through Elin's mentoring.
I liked that masterclass is flexible, I can always chat or send an email and I learned that sometimes the simplest products are the best to sell.
"I met Elin few years back in an office for entrepreneurs to work on their projects in Iceland. We became friends immediately and that is because I saw how enthusiastic, bright, kind, creative and fun she was! I have seen her build up her company and put her mind and soul into it and sometimes I wonder how she can do all those amazing things! Well, the answer is simple. She loves what she does and has set her mind on doing only things that she loves for a living. How amazing is that? She is not only my friend but also my role model when it comes to business and building your own. Elin is easy to talk to, fun, loving, kind and smart. She knows what she is doing and has personally helped me through the startup on my own company. I cant recommend her enough!"
What I like is the ease of training. Everything is clarified and it's up to you how much you will devote to training. I learned the basic things to sell on Amazon.
"For many years I dreamed of making my own online business. I don´t know how often I started to watch youtube videos about these matters but I never followed through. Few months ago I saw an article were Elin was talking about her life as a entrepreneur and I knew immediately that I wanted to know more. I contacted her and joined her program. Now she has been my coach for 3 months and she is exactly what I needed. She is experienced, patient, has valuable contacts but what is most important for me is that she is a good person. During weekly skype meetings she guides me, encourages me but at the same time she gives me the space I need. I recommend Elin´s coaching from the bottom of my heart."
"I connected with Elin years ago back in Iceland. I've been following her sailing adventures and asked if I could interview her for my new travel site called La Voyageuse. She happily agreed and we had a successful collaboration. Following her site and student group on facebook, I've learned that Elin is a dedicated and successful entrepreneur that keeps giving endless amount of free value and motivation. She's very dedicated to help fellow entrepreneurs like myself!"
Christina C
I loved everything I learned and what I went through made me stronger on tackling unemployment through entrepreneurship.
“I have known Elin when I was at the beginning of setting up my online business in e-commerce. I come across Elin, in one networking event and had the opportunity to ask for her mentoring services. Elin has given me a lot of support and guidance in setting up my own online business and was able to help me develop a business strategy that was right for me”
Ely Alexandra
"Elin is a beautiful individual; an inspiration across disciplines - whether in design, communication or entrepreneurship. Her ambition and thirst to keep growing continues to amaze me, and I would recommend her talent in a heartbeat."
"Elin combines an unusual set of skills and characteristics: She's intensely social. She regularly gets to know people from all walks of life effortlessly and naturally. Yet she also finds it easy to concentrate on one subject for as long as is needed, even if that timespan is years, and never loses sight of her goal. Elin is one of those persons I've enjoyed most to work with. I admire her qualities, in fact wouldn't mind having more of them myself. As a partner or vendor, I recommend her enthusiastically."
"She's always been prompt and good at following up and communicating and she does seem to know a lot about her areas of expertise. She balances responsibility with play, so there is always a good work-life balance. Working together in business to push each other towards success, I can see how she can help others by giving them ideas and feedback that helps drive them towards their own success."
“I liked how personable you came across, so chatting felt natural.. I’m glad you stirred me away from certain sites that I’m not ready for. Really easy to get overwhelmed with trying to cover so many sites/areas so it’s nice to know what to hold off on initially at least” 
Anya Fox
"I am truly inspired by what you have done and achieved to live life on your terms Elin! You are the real deal when it comes to being an entrepreneur! I have the utmost respect and admiration for your drive and passion to live the Laptop and Mobile Lifestyle. And not only that but your passion and kindness to help others to also realize their dreams and goals are qualities of the highest regard."
John Goliath

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